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Image of family on beach

We decided to take a St. Augustine, Florida vacation this particular year. It was, also, the year of the Corona Virus pandemic. So, we were iffy about whether to take a trip or not, but eventually decided to go, anyway. And, I am so glad that we did. FLYING DURING DURING A PANDEMIC Our vacation […]


THE LAKE HOUSE REMODEL: This particular client found out about me through word of mouth. The wife was working out with her trainer and had mentioned that she wanted to hire a designer to design a remodel for her basement. We met in 2016 and ended up remodeling her basement in 2020. This is a […]


This is a post that I wrote for my church blog. Enjoy it here, too. A blog post about loving and understanding our unique gifts and submitting those qualities to the Lord so that his will shall be done through you in your own unique way. I have taken up jogging. I am not a […]


I had been single for three years, coming out of a thirteen year long marriage to a very abusive man. My ex-husband and I had been in counseling for nearly the whole duration of our marriage seeing no less than eleven different therapists of varying genres during that time. I thought that I had learned […]


MY 2020 WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY SELF-IMAGE: before and after images Now that I am in my forties, maintaining my weight and health seem to be a difficult, if not unobtainable, goal. The most success that I have had with my weight has been when I lived a Ketogenic lifestyle. Being a woman in her forties, […]


Driving a rental car in Europe is not as difficult or intimidating as I had thought. When we took our trip to France, I knew that I had no idea when we would visit again and I wanted to see as much of Normandy as I could in our seven days there. The only way […]

Right when life is supposed to start getting blissful our bodies start to change and morph into this thing that we do not recognize. I have been focusing on 5 things you need to know about health and weight loss in your forties. Especially as women, we are entering a time of changing hormones and, […]


The Rinehart Project is a beautiful take on The Craftsman Style. This couple had decided to retire to the gorgeous countryside build their dream home. FLOOR PLANS PHASE ONE PHASE TWO EXTERIOR IMAGES IPHONE PICS PROFESSIONAL IMAGES If you would like to see some of our other designs and builds, check out The Judson Project […]


JUDSON PROJECT BEGINNING As an interior designer and wife to a home builder, we have rare projects where I am the designer and he is the builder for the same project. Our most recent project, which I affectionately call ‘The Judson Project’, is wonderfully underfoot! The clients hired me to draw the plans for this […]


THE FIRST PHONE CALL I received a text at almost one o’clock in the morning. It was from my middle son concerning my other son, with whom he lived. I had no idea that this was the day that my child had a psychotic break. “I believe [his brother/my sons name here] is either really […]

Does Kanye West have a place at the table with the rest of us? And, five things to pray on behalf of Kanye West. With the state of the world today, I am no longer shocked by anything, but I do have to wonder why that is even a question? It isn’t for us to […]

What did John MacArthur say about Beth Moore and What underlying message did we miss? Let’s take a deeper look at the Dr. John MacArthur and Beth Moore debacle Dr. John MacArthur attended, as the Guest of Honor, and spoke at the Truth Matters Conference in October 2019 at his church, Grace Community Church, as […]

kid in pumpkin patch

The title is a bit deceiving. I suppose that I can consider myself a bit lucky because I did have some kids at the orchard and pumpkin patch with me on this very warm fall day. So, I am not totally empty-nested just yet. My oldest son happened to be in town over my youngest […]


I was 21 years old when I met my abuser. The year was 1996. It wasn’t until 2009 before I was able to finally get away. So, I stayed for 13 years before getting the courage to fully break away. This is the story about my experience with abuse. It was not my first marriage. […]

Well, I should have said “…to buy for HIS dorm’ because if you have a daughter you are going to be buying five hundred things for her first dorm room whether she needs any of them or not—or more! This is one area that boys come in handy and save you some money. So, we […]

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