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<img height="1" width="1" style="display:none;" alt="" src="[em]=&noscript=1″ /> ust a little over a week ago, one of my five sons got married. It was supposed to be one of the most beautiful days of his life…and, of mine, as well. For six months, I assured my son, “All that matters is that it is a beautiful […]

Your son has let you know that he is getting married. Now what? What should you, as the parents of the groom, expect to pay for in the upcoming nuptials? I will tell you what I have read on the internet and then I will tell you what I did, as the mother (I am […]

Congratulations on your childs engagement and congratulations on your new daughter in law! MY TOP 10 TIPS FOR YOUR SONS ENGAGEMENT AND UPCOMING WEDDING 1. KNOW YOUR OWN EXPECTATIONS It is important to ask yourself–maybe even write down–the expectations that you have for your sons engagement and upcoming wedding. It will help you to know […]

Single-parenting during the social media era is hard enough without having the added challenges of single-parenting, holidays and social media. The pressure of seeing the Christmas trees swamped with gifts is pretty hard when you are picking yourself up after a divorce. I have been watching old home videos the past few weeks and trying […]



Dec 7, 2020

This is a post that I wrote for our church blog. We all find ourselves at intersections in life; but this is unlike one of those spiritual intersections. Read along as I go for a leisurely drive with my middle son to the intersection and get a snippet of what it can be like if […]

It is a very unseasonably warm November night and I am laying in a hotel that overlooks the river. I can see and hear barge horns from the patio door as the barges are slowly pushed down the river by pusher boats. They are illuminated with blue and green lights against the dark night sky. […]

FOREWORD After a stepchild has completed suicide is no time to reflect on fault or blame, pointing fingers this way and that; however, for the sake of writing a blog post that may help someone else, I am going to share about a lot of my own personal experiences here. It is not my intention […]

Confidently loading and unloading a kayak and which vehicle is best for transportation.

We decided to take a St. Augustine, Florida vacation this particular year. It was, also, the year of the Corona Virus pandemic. So, we were iffy about whether to take a trip or not, but eventually decided to go, anyway. And, I am so glad that we did. FLYING DURING DURING A PANDEMIC Our vacation […]

I had been single for three years, coming out of a thirteen year long marriage to a very abusive man. My ex-husband and I had been in counseling for nearly the whole duration of our marriage seeing no less than eleven different therapists of varying genres during that time. I thought that I had learned […]

THE FIRST PHONE CALL I received a text at almost one o’clock in the morning. It was from my middle son concerning my other son, with whom he lived. I had no idea that this was the day that my child had a psychotic break. “I believe [his brother/my sons name here] is either really […]

The title is a bit deceiving. I suppose that I can consider myself a bit lucky because I did have some kids at the orchard and pumpkin patch with me on this very warm fall day. So, I am not totally empty-nested just yet. My oldest son happened to be in town over my youngest […]

I was 21 years old when I met my abuser. The year was 1996. It wasn’t until 2009 before I was able to finally get away. So, I stayed for 13 years before getting the courage to fully break away. This is the story about my experience with abuse. It was not my first marriage. […]

Well, I should have said “…to buy for HIS dorm’ because if you have a daughter you are going to be buying five hundred things for her first dorm room whether she needs any of them or not—or more! This is one area that boys come in handy and save you some money. So, we […]

ADVICE FOR A FOUR DAY TRIP TO SIN CITY WITH ACTIVITIES AND FULL BUDGET BREAKDOWN. What started out as a simple desire of my brother-in-law to take my husband to see his favorite band, Def Leppard, play during their Las Vegas residency turned into a super fun couples weekend in Vegas. So, I compiled information […]

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